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You Never Really Know Someone Until They Pack a Lunch for You

It was a particularly crazy morning racing all about trying to get kids ready for school. I have discovered that I can save time by using the same tool for flat ironing my daughter’s hair to quickly press my my clothes if I stand really, really still. Finding myself completely out of time, I asked my 15 year old son to please pack lunches for he and his sister (and maybe pack of bag with coffee and Motrin for me.) After the dust had settled from our early morning free for all, we were in the car headed to school.  That is when my son made the most intelligent observation.... “You know Mom.... You never really know someone until they pack a lunch for you.” The wisdom of this struck me in such a way that I was awed by it. He is so correct. When my mother prepares lunches for the kids, everything is home-cooked, compartmentalized, crust is removed from sandwiches and a loving note has been attached to a freshly baked cookie. When I prepare their lunches, they never know if the

I'm Going to the Gym Today, I Swear....

I had plans of focusing on me today and was going to start that diet and exercise program one more time. However, any working mom knows how this is going to turn out. Here's how it goes.... Plan to go to the gym. Pack running shoes, water, and tiny workout tops. Feeling good about this plan.... Urgent text message arrives: "Mom, Forgot to tell you it's your day to bring snacks to school." Off I go to the store to look for 25 individually wrapped healthy snacks that meet the guidelines of the state nutrition standards, but probably taste like drywall. Unfortunately, healthy snacks in cellophane seem to be limited to candy covered brownies or cheese crackers. Both gross. The fresh fruit section looks good, but God help us if we serve something protected by mother nature in a sanitary organic fiber.   No...  it has to be in plastic to keep out e-colli. I settle for individual packages of gold-fish crackers and orange juice. But - while there, I see the lasagna noodle box

The Healing Power of the Car Wash

I had to have my son at school early this morning for a field trip. It was dark, I had no caffeine in my body and I never saw the large dead animal in the road. My son swears I ran over a mongoose. My daughter says it was a werewolf. I'm going with previously killed cat. All the same, it's such a gross feeling running over a dead animal. I'm certain that running over a live animal would be much worse, however. I will head to the car wash later today to remove the werewolf parts from the underside of my car. The car wash is therapy for me. It's a place of healing and wellness. It really has nothing to do with cleaning my car. For $7 I can pull forward into my own special place where the cares of my world will be washed away. I put on some Van Morrison, pop a soda top, and sit back and relax as bluish green oozy bubbles cover my car and wash away what ails me. For an extra dollar I can can get a crystal clear top coat that should protect me from all the evils of the w

Working Moms' Mornings

Somewhere back in time, women stood up and said they wanted it all. They wanted to be mothers and wives and executives and business owners. To have all of this would be great, but what they forgot to mention was that it still required having a wife at home or at least a husband that could cook, clean, do laundry and more. At our house, a common expression heard is "I can't do it all!" Now, my husband says this and we all laugh. I say it and people disappear from sight. My version is a little more scarier and intimidating because I actually am doing it all. My husband moves the dishes from the table and piles them in the sink and exclaims that he has cleaned the kitchen. He wants a thank you and a pat on the head. I actually load and empty the dishwasher, scrape up the hardened remains of red suckers from the floor, bleach Kool-aid stains out of the counter, sanitize the liner of the freezer, fish refrigerator magnets out of the cat food bowl, and sweep up bird seed tha