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The Window

The Window A young woman looks through me.   Her skin is smooth, her smile bright.   Bubbles float up from the sink as she washes the last of the dishes and stares out at her children racing about the driveway on scooters and skates.   She can hardly wait to join them.   The daily chores and I are the only things that stand between parent and child.   My rail and casing are strong and sure. My glass is clear and bright. I am the window above the kitchen sink that looks out into her world. A sleepy woman looks through me.   It is dark outside and shadowy trees move in the distance.   Her entire world is under one roof, each child tucked safely in bed.   Nothing in the dark calls to her.   She wakes to check on her children and be certain of the security that wraps around her like a blanket.     My locks are secure.   My framework is strong.     My family rests peacefully until I let the light back in.   A loving woman looks through me.   She watches the early morning snow falli

Anyone's Child

Anyone’s child did not like grapes. It had been a very good day. The teacher passed out grape suckers to all her students. Anyone’s child quietly handed his sucker to another child. The little boy with two suckers smiled. Anyone’s child smiled. He knew the joy in sharing. When school ended, happy children with suckers ran to their parents. Parents smiled. A little boy named Chip showed his mom his treat and beamed with pride. It had been a good day. Chip’s mom noticed that one child had two suckers. The day was no longer good. She tossed Chip on her shoulder and steamed out the door. She brewed. She steamed. She plotted how to right this wrong. Chip just wanted to enjoy his sucker. But how was this possible when someone’s child got two. Words flew like bullets. Aimed at hurting those who had been unfair. Chip’s mom called her friends She called the Bureau of Fair Candy Disbursement They sent out more words And more words Al