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The Spring Without Water

“One a ponce a time” was the way most bedtime stories began in our house when my children were young.   Everyone wanted to contribute to the story and my tiny girl began each one with that exact opener.   It was usually followed by tales of unicorns, rainbows and superhuman powers of invisibility and metamorphosis.    Today’s story fittingly deserves that very perfect beginning…. One a ponce a time, a tired mom went to battle with the water company.   It was a mighty beast with no unicorns or rainbows anywhere to be found.   The mom, me, would pay the bill, but the evil water company would still send its henchman to cut off my nice flow of cool, clean water that should have been headed into our home.   People certainly had to have doubted my tales of payment and probably wondered why I had not simply paid the bill.   Through clenched fists and frustration tempered only by the desire to be heard, I would explain to the water company that my check had been cashed and yet, I still had