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Looking for Greatness

    I have pointed out on prior occasions, that I always seem to miss the Kodak moments of life with my head turned the wrong way looking for some missing item or lost treasure when great things happen around me.  This weekend, I realized that I have been so close to many great things and yet, I really must go back and revisit these things to fully appreciate them.  Case in point...   I was in a hotel this past weekend, blowing my son's hair dry with the tiny hotel hair dryer.  He was spinning around in the desk chair making the task quite difficult when the hair dryer made an awful noise like a fan blade had come loose.  I told my son to stop spinning and sit still so we could finish before the blade flew out and chopped an ear off leaving him to look like Van Gogh.. or was it Picasso.  Suddenly I wasn't sure which artist cut his ear off and I realized this was sad since I had stood right in front of both of their works and should know better.     I’ve been exposed to some of