Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh Paleo

Oh Paleo, You have robbed me of my good friends sugar, wheat and dairy. They’ve been with me since my first birthday cake and traveled with me through college, late night pregnancy binges and those times when my very best friend was a piece of chocolate pie. You pushed them away and they fought to stay, calling to me with their sprinkle toppings, chocolate kisses and double, stuffed pizza.  When my bones began to ache and I woke each morning from a slumber that was similar to being run over by a truck, I suspected that I might be running with the wrong crowd.  

Sugar offered me comfort and told me everything would be okay.  I believed her and never saw her for the evil temptress that she is.  Wheat whispered to me with flaky, golden crispness and always brought along her friend margarine who blinded me with buttery goodness.

Dairy was my favorite and the midnight hour was our meeting time when a cold glass of milk was often followed up with two or three Oreos that brought me quiet joy.  

Paleo, however, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Come here.  Give me thirty days and I'll change your life."  I turned my back on bad food choices and learned to welcome lean meats, vegetables and fresh fruit.  The shiny red cans of Coca Cola disappeared from my refrigerator and were replaced with water.  After the headaches stopped and the sugar disappeared from my system, I began to feel younger and even a bit thinner. It was a slow process losing only a pound or two a week.  Before long, my clothes were too big and my daughter said, "Mom, buy some smaller clothes."

The first purchase of new jeans came and went within two weeks as they, too, became too loose.  My daughter said, "Mom.... Buy some skinny pants."  I blindly followed her instruction and it only took about thirty minutes wearing floozy pants that I retreated to the comfort of my Chico's mom jeans.  They were soft and roomy and the perfect choice, so I thought.  My child disagreed.

Today as I dressed, I saw what my daughter sees and realized my clothes are now much too big.  It is a fabulous problem to have and I thank you Paleo for leading me to better choices and better health.

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