Dogs I've Known

Dogs Who Have Entered Our Lives (As named by Allie)

Maddigan McRee

Cats Born in my Closet on top of Leather Boots
Motorcat (Sadie)

Hamsters and other Critters Who Stayed A While

July - Hamster purchased at local fair.  We sent Allie to get lemonade... she came back thirsty with a hamster

Velvet - Flying Squirrel presented as a gift from our cat and nursed back to health

Lillie Belle Jones - A joint custody cat shared between Allie and the neighbor who both thought they had a new kitten

Randi Hope - White Tail Deer who came to be one of us

A series of Cats Named Homey - There will always be a Homey 

Rudy - Daylight Challenged Rooster

Cinammon the Baby Chick

Mike - Chicken who fell off the Tyson Truck 

The Duck who thought he was a chicken 

                    Spirit - The not so friendly pony 

16 nameless hamster babies - They told us the hamster was supposed to be fat, not        pregnant!   ***All were safely relocated to the pet store.   

Pete and Sunshine -  Pete was a cool bird.  I thought he needed a wife.  A yellow beauty named Sunshine seemed a good choice.  Who knew she would pace and chirp incessantly, until one day she  simply fell dead.  Pete spent the rest of his days single and quite content with his little cage.  

Foxy Lynn - the Falcon Who Fell To Our Front Yard
One night in the pool house perched on the uneven bars, a little raw steak and fresh water and he was good to go again.
 Foxy Lynn flies with the falcons once more.    (2012) 


Sugar Plum & Sugar - Baby squirrels out on their own way too early

Amelia and PePe
October 2013

Piper - Baby Squirrel 
July 2014

Early Retirement and the Great Resignation

        At the age of 57, I stared at my 35 year career, whispered a polite thank you to the heavens and hit the send button on my retiremen...