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The Giant Red Umbrella

       Umbrellas are something that I’ve never really given much thought to.  If it rains, I grab whatever umbrella I can find.  Usually, there is a small one located under the passenger seat in my car, so I've never had to do a lot of planning for rain events   I purchase umbrellas as last minute thoughts in drug stores or airports.  The smaller and cheaper, the better the value to me.   One rainy Tuesday in January, our local fitness center seized a moment of opportunity and advertised the sale of large umbrellas by sending a mass email to its customers.  I found it peculiar that fifteen minutes into the sale, a second email came out notifying everyone that the umbrellas were gone.  I had to wonder if I was missing something.  I had never questioned the ability of the little umbrellas in my possession and had no need to up size.  They seemed to meet the one objective that an umbrella has…keep me dry.  What more could an umbrella offer, I wondered?  Obviously there was a de

The Colored Pencil Challenge

           My son, Joey, is involved in BETA, a national organization that promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among high school students.  The state convention was coming up and students could select from a variety of contests to compete in.  Joey is a talented performing artist and has sung for large audiences all over the south.  I naturally assumed that he would sign up for the talent competition and would once again be up there on the stage belting out some classic tune.   But no.... he came home and announced that he was participating in the colored pencil drawing contest.  I had to ask the obvious question...”You realize you don’t draw, don’t you?”  As best I understand it, only one talent act could enter from each school and a large group of students wanted to dance.  Joey graciously stepped out of the spotlight and never questioned why he couldn’t be the one to perform.  This young singing artist is signed with a record label and has