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To My Old Lady Self

Dear Me, 

   Should I be blessed to enjoy a long life and one day find I have plenty of time on my hands,  I should read this list and remember the things I didn't have time for now, but should do then.

Paint the kitchen Sherwin Williams Windy Blue

Go on a Mission Trip

Scrapbook old photographs and write down the names of everyone in the pictures

Take the Viking Cooking course in Greenwood, MS

Send your kids a surprise check in the mail (and no they didn't insert this)

Play Barbies

Sit at the base of Mt. Whitney and drink Pinot Grigio with my brother

Visit the local library

Take a train ride anywhere

Visit the beach in the winter

Be a ridiculously big tipper to those who least expect it

Carry silver forks in my purse

Always have something nifty to give to a child

Sit with strangers in a nursing home

Read all the classics

Record the stories of those older than me

Travel to France and never cross the Atlantic to get there


Anonymous said…
A list of such import cannot wait for old age. It's time to visit that library, sit on the floor and re-read a book, yes a great childhood classic with pictures and wonder, one you enjoyed when you were exactly the age of that angel by the Christmas tree. And so your list will be shortened, your task made easier.

Joy will be yours as you draw a line through each item, and find peace sitting quietly with that glass of Pinot Grigio.

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