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Bringing Down the Apple


  When I upgraded from a Gateway desktop to a HP laptop, I knew I was taking a giant step forward in the world of advanced technology. When I left the HP by the wayside because I had Apple Fever and procured my first Macbook, I felt like I had joined an elite club of tech savvy beautiful people. The glow, alone, from the little apple on the backside of my screen produced an endorphin rush that brought joy and happiness.  It was much like being the first house in neighborhood to go green. Those little glowing apples were like quiet high fives to other Apple users who smiled proudly because they knew a similar joy.  Before long, I discovered a world of wonderful things that could be plugged into my laptop.... iPods, iPhones, cameras with 10,000 pictures of my children, flash drives, motion sensor game cameras and so much more. My laptop exuded it's own aura of coolness and reminded me that I was of a generation of people who recycled, carried good music in their pocket and were plugged in to a world of knowledge that was right at their fingertips.... Until the day my husband attempted to give up smoking and handed me his electronic cigarette that charges by plugging into my USB port.  The picture above instantly stripped my laptop of all coolness and sends a new message that has never been sent from one glowing Apple to another.  Some things should never be joined together.  I may officially be out of the club, now.


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The Mink That Made Its Way Home

             When I was five years old, my grandmother would care for me before school each day.  She would turn the stereo console on and play big band music from the 40's.  I remember dressing up in her mink stole as we danced around the living room spinning and twirling to the classics.  She told me that one day the mink would be mine and I hoped that I would be as beautiful as she was wrapped in luxurious mink.     Time, of course, came and went and my grandmother passed away many years ago.  I have often wondered what happened to her mink stole and wished that I could wear it just one more time.  Little did I know, my grandmother had given the stole to her daughter and sometime during the early 80's when fur was not fashionable and we were wearing hideous things like leather pants and spandex, my aunt tossed the mink into the Goodwill bin near her home. She did not know that anyone actually wanted the mink and donated it to charity.  She told me she remembers lo

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  There is nothing more precious than child innocence.  While it appears that this message may, indeed, be upside down, it seems that an upended pink ribbon is a call for better testing for earlier detection of breast cancer.  Who better to deliver such a message than a group of young girls with bright futures ahead of them?  While my daughter actually has no idea that she is holding the poster upside down, her mistake quietly sends a much more powerful message across this field. Who knows, but any one of these young ladies, excited about their part in participating in a campaign of hope, could go on to be the one to discover just such a test or cure.   So even if the symbols are upside down, or even fall to the ground, our youth are learning to be a part of something bigger than themselves and might just one day deliver this message exactly as they innocently displayed this Fall day in their youth.   Picture by Kathi Kolb

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Photo Courtesy of Hershey's    There is almost no greater joy than the pure chocolaty goodness that lies in the rectangular patterns of a Hershey’s bar.  While some people enjoy cigarettes or liquor or even illegal drugs of choice, my addiction lies in the innocence of a candy bar.  It is something that is enjoyed in small pieces, savored, one rectangle at a time.  Whatever genius designed this heavenly creation, divided the bar into 12 miniature rectangles, all looking like a small version of the whole.  It’s mind boggling if you really think about it.  It’s much like putting two mirrors together and seeing into infinity.  With each bite of Hershey’s bar you find more rectangles calling your name.   A wise person knows not to listen to their sirens call, but to snap off only one or two pieces and move on without looking back.   Photo Courtesy of B Jobse    My children know the power of the Hershey’s bar and fully understand that stressful events can bring on the dippi