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Moses Supposes

    It is almost November and even though it still very hot outside, fall is all around us.  It is a time of pumpkins, cooler nights and fairs. Some of my best memories with my children are at state fairs.  I hope they remember the time we got stuck on top of the ferris wheel as a light rain began to fall.  It was a warm night and the rain brought with it laughter and fun.  Joey would rock the seat and we would grab on for dear life. Allie stuck easily for her fingers were normally coated in a fine layer of cotton candy residue. She wasn't about to fall out of that bucket.  Then, there was the fun house, which turned out to be more of a house of horrors for waiting parents whose children did not come out.  I watched as my young son entered, but did not exit.  More and more people went in and came out, but my son was not among them.  My mind raced and about the time I was certain he had been kidnapped and sold into the circus, I headed for the entrance prepared to take on the cra