Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peace, Love and What???

  There is nothing more precious than child innocence.  While it appears that this message may, indeed, be upside down, it seems that an upended pink ribbon is a call for better testing for earlier detection of breast cancer.  Who better to deliver such a message than a group of young girls with bright futures ahead of them?  While my daughter actually has no idea that she is holding the poster upside down, her mistake quietly sends a much more powerful message across this field. Who knows, but any one of these young ladies, excited about their part in participating in a campaign of hope, could go on to be the one to discover just such a test or cure.   So even if the symbols are upside down, or even fall to the ground, our youth are learning to be a part of something bigger than themselves and might just one day deliver this message exactly as they innocently displayed this Fall day in their youth.  

Picture by Kathi Kolb


The Accidental Amazon said...

:D I liked what you said to me in your email, too, Melissa. Pink is plastered everywhere, pink products are sold everywhere, often with very little or none of the profits going to support research or any other meaningful help for those of us who've been diagnosed with it. We're 'aware' of breast cancer, but so many folks don't really know what it means to live with it or die from it. It's time we stood the ribbon on its head and changed the course of 'awareness,' to stop the pointless profiteering and misleading messages, and eradicate breast cancer so your daughter and her friends will never have it at all. xo, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Funny and poignant. One of your shortest entries in your wonderful log of your family life, but the photo tells a tale of a thousand words of innocence and future learning. A wonderful story. Hopefully all their mom's will teach them well about peace, love and the benefits of self-exams and regular checkups.

Your observations of life are wonderful.

Katie A said...

Love this!!

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