Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Bus is Leaving Soon

  While you cannot see it in this photo, this little boy is a magician, an entrepreneur, a child of God, a wizard, time traveler, globe trotter, hacker, Apple genius, cinematographer, singer, artist, stockbroker, friend, son, brother and more.  From the day this picture was taken, I have placed one photo a year in a school bus photo frame that has only one seat left.  I have the senior picture that goes in that last slot and I simply cannot place it on that bus.  That would  mean that he has grown up well and is ready to head out on his own.  He may be ready, but I am not.

   They say hindsight is twenty twenty and when I started filling the seats in his bus, I should have started a similar frame and put a picture of me in it each year.  The first year would have a young mom with a full head of hair taking her son to school for the first time.   As the years passed, my hair would be thinner, my hips a bit wider, my smile even larger and my memories even greater. The last picture can be one of me racing to the boarding gate at the airport to catch a plane to go visit my boy at college, my smile still wide.  Now that the bus is full, I know that it has been a fantastic ride.


My daughter has a similar bus and she still has five years or five seats worth of pictures before she drives off to college.   I imagine my hair will continue to fall onto the bus floor and while I enter an age of cholesterol awareness and walking for health, my hips are a little smaller.  The memories are just as great and I fear the day that both vehicles have left the garage. 

I'm toying with the idea of putting up another bus photo frame and filling it with pictures of each visit I make to see my children at college.  I realize that I may need more than the standard 12 seats, and may need to start planning for a fleet of vehicles.  My greatest joy would be leaving this world one day with a wall full of buses and every seat filled.  My neighbors would certainly think me crazy, but that's probably already crossed their minds before now.  

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, but this story has me on the verge of tears. Joy or sadness? Not sure. Good job mom.

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