Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Are You Kidding Me!?!?

My friends have emailed and asked for new posts and while I can't even blame it on writer's block, I've simply not found a free moment to write.  Today, as my "To Do" list grew ridiculously large and I realized there was no way to accomplish everything that needed to be done, I turned to my old friend.... food.  I wandered down the hall for a clandestine meeting with the vending machine.   I knew this was shaky ground and that nothing good could come of this, but as I eyed the dangling product promising happiness and short lived satisfaction,  I connected with E5, the extra large honeybun.

I dropped in four quarters and nothing happened.  At second glance, I realized I needed an extra quarter.  I fed more money to the machine and after a few seconds, the prized pastry fell to the drawer below.  I fished out my treat only to discover that it was already open and had expired two weeks earlier.  Now, after a week of disappointment in myself and others, I was in need of something good.  A simply vending product was all I wanted.  I paid the fee.  I waited patiently and yet, once again, the end result was a broken promise and empty pockets.  

Perhaps this was the moment that I slipped quietly into madness because a few moments later I could be found standing on a chair binding the stale pastry to the vending machine with packing tape, securing the wrong for all to see.  The large sign I attached that read "You owe me $1.25, Room 100" made it clear to all that not only did I fail to enjoy my vending snack, but I was also in need of a vacation or perhaps a therapist. 

So, tonight I will relax so that tomorrow I may clear my mind and write.  I will try to avoid looking for answers in vending machines and will return to finding the joy in the small and ordinary things that make a life complete.


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Anonymous said...

As I stood waiting for a parking lot bus today, I went to the vending machine and slipped a $1 bill in, then pressed D3, for a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds. (I recall your predilection for Hershey's Snapped Rabbits). As the coil turned and the chocolate bar balanced on the edge, seeming for a very long 2 or 3 seconds as if it wouldn't drop, my thoughts flashed to this entry of yours and I gave the machine a quick shake and the bar plopped into the candy slot machine's bin with a satisfying clunk. Thankfully it was unopened and not expired. Do they ever?

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